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Dental Implants Marina del Rey

It’s no secret. Dental implants are the gold standard for replacing lost or endangered teeth in terms of convenience, appearance, and oral health. Elegant Dentistry in Marina del Rey has been giving patients bright new smiles and better oral health for years and dental implants are one outstanding way of reversing damage and fostering a future worth smiling about.

Why Dental Implants Make Sense

It’s only natural that most people’s first concern when facing the prospect of lost teeth is how it will affect their appearance as well as their ability to eat and chew. One might think that dental implants only serve to fill in for missing teeth, but they also serve as a barrier against contaminants. They are also the only form of tooth replacement that actively prevents bone loss.

Losing bone mass in the jaw area is as bad as it sounds and it occurs when the bone degrades due to lack of stimulation. The result can be the loss of further teeth later on and a vicious cycle which can significantly harm a person’s appearance and overall health. Dental implants, on the other hand, act exactly like organic teeth and appear to stimulate bone tissue production in the jaw.

Even if you don’t choose dental implants, some kind of tooth replacement is essential. Open pockets or wounds in the mouth can occur more easily and may be breeding grounds for potentially dangerous bacteria that can cause severe complications if left untreated. While dentures and bridgework can help a lot, a dental implant is the best way we know to seal an empty pocket and limit the threat that unchecked bacteria can present.

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Getting Dental Implants

It begins with a consultation here at Elegant Dentistry, where we will begin the process of learning about the overall condition of your mouth so we can see what kind of work is both desirable and practical. Assuming the original tooth has already been lost or removed, and the gap subsequently cleaned, we will then determine if your jaw bone is dense enough to support an implant. If it’s not, bone grafting procedures can shore up the jaw structure to prepare your mouth and jaw. If bone density is not yet an issue, the implant can usually be installed directly into the bone.

Once the implant is installed, a temporary crown – similar to what is used after a root crown or cosmetic procedures – is placed over it so you can immediately leave the office with a replacement for one or more teeth that looks real and performs most of the same functions as an organic tooth. The one thing patients need to be aware of is that temporary crowns are more vulnerable to breaking, so it will be necessary to avoid harder foods such as nuts for a time.

After it is determined the area is fully healed and ready, a permanent crown will be attached to the implant base. At that point, patients can resume their old diets. From here on, the procedure is essentially complete, though follow-up appointments will be needed. Over time, however, caring for implants will be the same as caring for the teeth you were born with – and that means twice-daily flossing and brushing with a fluoride toothpaste.

Questions and Answers About Dental Implants

Why might dental implants be better for me than other forms of replacement teeth?

The simple answer is that dental implants are practically permanent. There’s almost no risk of an implant shifting or falling out, which can occur with other forms of dental prosthetics such as dentures. Additionally, with some alternative options, certain foods – sometimes very healthy ones – can harm the replacements. Dental implants don’t require you to change your diet. Most importantly of all, dental implants are so much like natural teeth they “fool” the jawbone so that the bone loss normally associated with extracted or lost teeth is prevented. No other form of tooth replacement has this effect.

Are dental implants easily distinguishable from my normal teeth?

No. While an oral health professional will probably be able to tell the difference between a completed dental implant and natural teeth upon close inspection, the average observer won’t be able to spot a difference and may not be able to see it, even if you tell them about the implant.

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