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Cosmetic Dentistry Marina Del Rey

For the finest cosmetic dentistry in Marina Del Rey and the Westside, trust Elegant Dentistry. Patients from throughout Greater Los Angeles rely on our elite team of dental professionals to restore the luster and natural look of their smiles.

We offer the most popular paths to a gorgeous smile, including:

Teeth Whitening

Living with discolored or stained teeth can be flat-out embarrassing. Patients may be reluctant to smile or take pictures and, no surprise, may suffer from a lack of self-confidence. Elegant Dentistry is happy to do everything possible for beautiful new smiles with professional teeth whitening services.

Thinking about taking the DIY approach? Keep thinking. Compared to over-the-counter products and sometimes questionable home remedies, professional treatments are much more likely to be successful with a lower risk of significantly damaging teeth.

How’s it done?

When patients come to Elegant Dentistry for whitening, our first step is to do a routine cleaning and comprehensive dental exam so that we are sure that teeth are healthy and ready for whitening. At that point, we offer two options.

  • Take-home whitening trays that are customized to the patient’s teeth for the best, safest results.
  • Zoom! 45-minute teeth whitening treatment, which uses the power of highly focused light combined with the bleaching powers of hydrogen peroxide. Before patients leave, we give them a side-by-side picture showing their teeth before and after their visit.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers can be thought of as both an attractive covering and a shield of sorts. They enhance and protect the look of a patient’s real teeth that are either vulnerable to damage or discolored. Veneers at Elegant Dentistry always appear natural and are virtually indistinguishable from real teeth.

Our office primarily uses porcelain or composite resin veneers. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages, though many patients prefer porcelain because of its more natural appearance and resistance to staining.

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Before Operation

Broken lower teeth with gaps between them, inappropriate occlusion, difficult to chew and bite on food.


After Operation

 Lower teeth are restored in one visit in the office. Looks natural because of the use of composite white fillings with adequate translucency and opacity.

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Zirconia Crowns

If a patient’s tooth is damaged, yet does not necessitate a full extraction, a crown may be installed to restore function and protect the remainder of the natural tooth following a root canal treatment. Also used for dental implants, zirconia crowns offer superior durability, using the hardest material employed in cosmetic dentistry. Additionally, they are faintly translucent, which makes them appear more natural in comparison to metallic crowns. Zirconia crowns are also biocompatible, meaning there is very little chance of rejection by the body.

Ceramic Inlays

Ceramic inlays have given serious competition to composite and amalgam fillings as they blend in more with a patient’s natural teeth in terms of appearance. Inlays function similarly to crowns in that they protect vulnerable teeth from further damage; however, instead of capping the tooth, they function as a filling. Patients are typically very pleased with their natural appearance and effectiveness.

Questions and Answers with Dr. Marjaneh Moghimi

Why crown and not big filling ?

A big filling on back teeth increases the chance and possibilities of crack or fracture due to high pressure of chewing therefore a crown is recommended to protect the tooth for better function.

What is the difference between Inlay and a filling?

A filling is a type of restoration performed in the office directly on the tooth can be made of Amalgam (silver) or white (composite) material while An Inlay is an indirect type of restoration that initial preparation on the tooth is done in the office and then doctor take an impression of the prepared area , send it to the laboratory and a custom restoration is made to be cemented on the tooth . Nowadays there are other techniques that crowns and inlays can be made in the office as well.

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