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To our valued patients,

Elegant Dentistry has been closed since March 13th and we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused for you. We are excited to announce we will reopen on May 18th 2020.

COVID19 update

Since we closed our office, the world has changed and so must we. Some things that will remain the same:

  •  We will continue to involve you in your personal treatment plan;
  •  We will continue to provide you state-of-the-art dentistry with the promise of always seeking the best results possible.

Having stated these things, here are changes that will remain in effect for the near future:

  1. We will no longer use the reception area to seat our patients awaiting treatment. Instead, we will be asking you to call us when you arrive, and we will then call or text you when we are ready to seat you.
  2. You will be questioned about your health, if you have a cough or shortness of breath.
  3. You will be asked about recent travels before coming into our office.
  4. We will take your temperature before your enter the office.
  5. You will be greeted at the door by one of our team members. Please have your mask on until you are seated in the room (and again from when you finish the treatment until you exit). You will then you escorted to a treatment room.
  6. Once in the room, you will be given a mixture of hydrogen peroxide oral rinse, which is proven effective against COVID-19, to swish for 30 seconds.
  7. Before the treatment starts, we will also ask you to sign the consent forms and handle your payment for the treatment.
  8. We will make your next appointment prior to you leaving the treatment room.
  9. Once the treatment is complete, you will be escorted to the exit with your face mask on.

All of these things are being done to ensure your safety while you are in our care. Although these rules are rigid, they are necessary for your safety and the safety of our team members. We are quite certain these changes will remain in place until there is a vaccine developed for the immunity. Most of all, please know your safety is of utmost importance to us at Elegant Dentistry



Dr. Marjaneh Moghimi and the Elegant Dentistry Team

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