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Dental Crowns can Protect Your Teeth and Restore Their Appearance

Dental crowns can restore the appearance and function of a patient’s natural teeth in a number of ways. Elegant Dentistry offers all types of crowns and is known throughout the LA Westside and beyond as an outstanding provider of general and cosmetic dentistry. If you are searching Marina del Rey for dental crown options, we encourage you to reach out to our office

Why a Patient May Need a Dental Crown

A dental crown protects vulnerable teeth from further damage by sealing areas that may otherwise become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. In addition, crowns can fill in areas that may be missing in a broken tooth. If a tooth is discolored but healthy, a crown can also be a more effective way to cover up severe staining or discoloration after whitening techniques have proven ineffective.

Most typically, crowns may be used atop dental implants to serve in place of missing teeth. They serve a similar function in the aftermath of a root canal.

How Dental Crowns are Emplaced

Getting a dental crown usually goes one of two ways. If the crown is covering a normal tooth, the procedure is typically as simple as making sure the enamel of the tooth is shaved down enough to allow the crown to slip on and secured with a bonding agent. In most cases, sedation is not necessary and patients are able to resume their normal routine almost immediately.

If a dental crown is covering an implant or the root of a tooth, however, the process is different. Permanent crowns are not normally installed right after an implant has been placed in the jawline or a root canal has been completed. Instead, a temporary crown is emplaced to ensure that the implant or root canal has been successful. Once it is determined that the site is properly healed, the permanent crown will then be installed with little or no discomfort.

Zirconia Crowns

In prior decades, almost all dental crowns were made of a standard metal alloy. These crowns were largely effective at protecting teeth but left something to be desired in terms of appearance. Modern zirconia crowns, however, are practically indistinguishable from natural teeth yet offer superior durability and longevity. Better yet, those with metal allergies will likely never have to worry about having an adverse reaction to zirconia.

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