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Why Do Baby Teeth Need to be Babied?

While nearly all parents will do whatever they can to make sure their infants, toddlers, and older children see a pediatrician, pediatric dentistry for our youngest kids may not always get the same priority. After all, baby teeth generally start falling out when kids are younger than seven, so it might be tempting to assume it’s okay […]

The Hollywood Smile Returns

People who live in Elegant Dentistry’s home base know that there are two Hollywoods. One is the part of Los Angeles a few miles east and north of our Marina del Rey office. The other is the nickname for the gigantic entertainment business spread all over the area and around the world, but largely based […]

Keeping Your Festive Holiday Smile

Traditionally, the holiday period is when many of our wonderful Elegant Dentistry patients get in touch with us about cosmetic matters such as teeth whitening and dental veneers to help them look their best. This year may be extra busy for us. For starters, people who work in entertainment are now hurriedly getting back to work now […]

Dental Alert: Oral Health is Really Just Health

If your thinking about oral health is mostly about how your teeth look, think again. Everyone wants an attractive smile but your smile needs to be a healthy one. Almost every day, we learn more about the connection between oral health problems and a growing list of serious systemic illnesses including diabetes and heart disease. […]

Whiten Your Way Back to School and Work

When you’re a youngster in school you hope summer, winter, or spring vacations never end; when you’re a grown-up fending for yourself in the gig economy – whether you’re in construction, IT, or an actor, writer, musician, or any other profession where you go from job to job – you probably want breaks to end […]

To Cosmetic Dentistry in West Los Angeles, There is a Season!

Here at Elegant Dentistry, we’re proud to be very much a part of our community. Here in West LA, much of that community is involved in show business! Of course, not everyone in town wants to be a movie star or a producer and our clients include plenty of plumbers, accountants, teachers, and construction people. […]

Questions and Answers and About Clear Aligners

Which Type of “Invisible” Braces are Best? These are called clear aligners and several different brands have been in use. Elegant Dentistry has selected ClearCorrect, which we believe are the most comfortable and easy-to-use aligners available. What Happens During Treatment with Clear Aligners? Patients are fitted with a custom-made clear aligner that will push the […]

General Dentistry Fixes What Dental Hygiene Can’t

The wonders of modern general dentistry can fix a lot of common problems patients have, but that doesn’t mean that patients should rely solely on their dentist to maintain their oral wellbeing! As much as it might seem to conflict with a busy lifestyle, a healthy smile also needs more than a few quick seconds […]

Cosmetic Dentistry: Improve Your Smile

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so knowing it’s less than perfect can put a crimp in anyone’s confidence. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry at our Marina del Rey office can make a world of difference for the look of your smile with options like: Professional teeth whitening Dental veneers, crowns, […]

Even Santa Monica Peeps Need Dentists!

It’s no secret that Santa Monica is one of Southern California’s biggest tourist destinations—the Santa Monica pier is iconic! But if you’re one of the 90,000 people who live there, you still have teeth and gums just like everyone else, and that includes a dentist near Santa Monica! While it might be easy to be […]

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