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Feel Safe and Relaxed at our Dental Office in Marina del Rey

Some people have healthy teeth and other don’t. Whatever the reason, people who have bad teeth tend to be the same people who have a fear of the dentist in Marina del Rey. If you’ve had bad teeth since you were young and you never took care of them, chances are that’s part of the reason you don’t enjoy going to the dentist. If you’ve been to the dentist as a young child and had a bad experience with a rough dentist, that could be another reason you’ve stayed away from the dentist for many years. No matter how unfounded your dental fears  might be, there is no reason to wait any more to visit the office of Elegant Dentistry.

When you make an appointment with Dr. Marjaneh Moghimi at Elegant Dentistry, you’ll find that she is not only a gentle dentist, but she is extremely experienced in the latest techniques that help people with a fear of the dentist in Marina del Rey relax in her dental chair. If you haven’t been to the dentist in many years, you’ll probably be surprised at how dental techniques and treatments have changed. Rather than being in pain when treatments are done, Dr. Moghimi uses the latest equipment that is much less painful than you probably remember. And if that still doesn’t ease your mind, ask Dr. Moghimi about relaxation dentistry to help you feel safe in the dental chair.

No matter what dental procedures you might need, Dr. Moghimi and her exceptional dental staff can take care of them for you. Whether you need cavities filled, teeth pulled or dental implants placed in open spots, Dr. Moghimi can take care of all those issues for you. If you suffer from gingivitis or you need your teeth whitened, the staff at Elegant Dentistry in Marina del Rey can take care of all your dental needs. So if you have a fear of the dentist in Marina del Rey, give Elegant Dentistry a call at 310-827-2792 and let us show you how you can feel comfortable as you take better care of your dental health.

(310) 827-2792