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General Dentistry Fixes What Dental Hygiene Can’t

The wonders of modern general dentistry can fix a lot of common problems patients have, but that doesn’t mean that patients should rely solely on their dentist to maintain their oral wellbeing! As much as it might seem to conflict with a busy lifestyle, a healthy smile also needs more than a few quick seconds of brushing before heading out the door each morning.

All that said, it only takes a small investment of time each day – along with those very important checkups and dental cleaning – to maintain gorgeous and healthy teeth!

Your Half of the Equation: Proper Dental Hygiene

Taking the time to properly care for your teeth about 30 minutes after each meal pays dividends in terms of keeping them spotless and limiting the chances of developing various ailments.

Be sure to gently scrub all the surfaces of your teeth, floss the gaps, and for added measure, use a mouthwash to limit the amount of harmful bacteria in your mouth (mouthwash can also help to knock loose any stubborn debris stuck in between your teeth).

Your Dentist’s Half of the Equation: Professional Dental Care

One of the many wise reasons we consult dental professionals is because they see what we can’t.

Many people, even those who maintain a strict dental hygiene routine, are still likely to face some sort of oral health issue at some point. Oftentimes, these illnesses – like gum disease or tooth decay – develop without obvious symptoms so it could be weeks or months before you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Your dentist, however, is likely to spot these issues and prescribe proper treatment before the ailment has a chance to do any significant damage. This not only protects your teeth and gums, but it will also very likely save you a lot of pain and discomfort, not to mention expensive dental procedures, down the line.

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