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Mar Vista Semi-Annual Dental Checkups

One of the most important things you can do for your oral health is to make regular appointments for Mar Vista semi-annual dental checkups at Elegant Dentistry. Dr. Marjaneh Moghimi and her staff are Marina del Rey dental professionals who truly care about your dental health and the dental health of your entire family. Whether you have a house full of children, you’re an adult couple looking for a new dental office, or you’re a senior citizen who has not seen the dentist in quite some time, Dr. Moghimi’s team at our Marina del Rey dental office will be happy to get you in the best possible dental health.

Mar Vista semi-annual dental checkups will help our dental team keep an eye on all issues both above and below the gum line. We’ll take dental x-rays every six months so that we can watch the inside, as well as the outside, of your teeth. This process will help us make sure no small dental problems get to the point where they are big dental problems. The more often we check for problems, the sooner we can help take care of them.

Now if you haven’t been to see the dentist in quite some time, you’re probably not aware of all the advancements there have been in dental care. You’ll probably be surprised at how much less pain you will be in when we use the latest treatments and techniques during your dental visits. Whether you need a scaling and root planing treatment, a bone graft, pulp debridement or a tooth extraction, we will make your visit as pain free as possible.

So rather than waiting until you have a toothache so bad that you can’t stand the pain before you come in, make Mar Vista semi-annual dental checkups at our Marina del Rey dental office. You can reach Dr. Moghini at Elegant Dentistry by calling 310-827-2792 for an appointment.

(310) 827-2792