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Mar Vista Tooth Extraction

If you have a tooth that needs to come out, it can be extracted at our dental office. A Mar Vista tooth extraction does not need to be painful, especially when it’s done by Dr. Marjaneh Moghimi. Years ago, pulling a tooth was a painful procedure that people would dread. So instead of going to the dentist at the first sign of pain, people would wait until they couldn’t stand it and then would go when there was nothing else that could be done other than taking the tooth out.

Deciding whether you need a Mar Vista tooth extraction or not is something that Dr. Moghimi can help figure out for you. If there is a way to save your tooth, she’ll definitely take that route. And taking care of your teeth every day at home is a great way for you to prevent tooth decay and the need for a tooth extraction.

Saving teeth is what dentists are trained to do. If a root canal treatment can be done, a Marina Del Rey dental crown  is needed, or a dental implant will save your tooth, that’s what Dr. Moghimi and her team will do. But if there’s really no way your tooth can be saved, you can be sure that the tooth extraction done at Dr. Moghimi’s Elegant Dentistry office will be as pain free as possible.

Some people will have pain when their wisdom teeth come in, and some people will feel no pain at all. If you have wisdom teeth that can’t come in because other teeth are in the way, you may need a tooth extraction at Elegant Dentistry to allow your wisdom teeth to come in properly. Dr. Moghimi’s staff can do x-rays and find out if she needs to make room for your wisdom teeth or if you don’t need them and your wisdom teeth are the ones that should come out.

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