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To Cosmetic Dentistry in West Los Angeles, There is a Season!

Here at Elegant Dentistry, we’re proud to be very much a part of our community. Here in West LA, much of that community is involved in show business!

Of course, not everyone in town wants to be a movie star or a producer and our clients include plenty of plumbers, accountants, teachers, and construction people. Even so, we are in the shadow of the historic Sony lot and Culver Studios, and there’s no avoiding that we live in a company town where attractive smiles can make a career. If you’re a dentist in Marina del Rey, cosmetic dentistry is going to make up a big part of what you do.

A Season for Smiles

There’s a joke that, contrary to popular belief, Los Angeles has four seasons: Fire, Flood, Pilot, and Awards! TV pilot season is roughly January to April and entertainment awards are mostly given away during winter and early spring. So, as we write this, we’re at a sort of critical mass.

For people in such an uncertain and high-stakes business, looking in the mirror to suddenly notice stained or yellowed teeth can be as terrifying as seeing Freddie Krueger or Candyman. In these cases, Elegant Dentistry can come to the rescue with 45-minute Zoom in-office treatments and customized take-home trays for teeth whitening. Both of these procedures provide results that are powerful, rapid when speed is called for, but also very safe. We only get one set of natural adult teeth and it’s always job one to make sure they last a lifetime whenever possible.

Not Ready for a Close-Up? Call Elegant Dentistry!

Whatever you do for a living or whatever dreams you’re working towards, there’s no substitute for the confidence that comes with a bright and beautiful smile and the Elegant Dentistry team offers the full range of cosmetic dental offerings for teeth that need serious TLC to look their best.

Specifically, for teeth that are deeply stained, discolored, or cracked, we offer the very best in dental veneers. We also offer custom-made dental crowns in cases where full coverage is needed to both beautify and protect teeth.

West LA’s Award-Winning Best

Our satisfied patients and local publications agree – Elegant Dentistry offers superb care for all kinds of people of all ages. Whether your concern is the appearance of your teeth, you have an acute oral health concern such as a cavity or toothache, or if you just looking for a good place to go for routine preventive general dentistry, reach out to us today!

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